Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Room with a pool

Do you remember the incident with the Lustron home, where I wandered around for days afterwards saying, "It's made of metal."??

Well, now we've met a house about which all I can say is, "It has a pool!"

Ok, so that's not entirely true. I can say other things, but the pool factor is always included: "Yes, I know there's no central air, but baby, it has a pool!" "I really like the closets in the bedrooms. Hey, did you know this house has a pool?" "There's no basement, but if a tornado comes, we could hide in the pool!" "Do you smell the lilacs? I bet you can even smell them from the pool!"

Yes, we found a house, in our price range, with an indoor pool. Who knew these things even existed?

And yes, I signed all the papers to make an offer about an hour ago.

I'm so nervous, I think I'm going to throw up . . .

. . . but hey, it has a pool!