Saturday, February 05, 2005

Kitty Love

Tigger is obsessed with our friend Marsha.
Marsha is, of course, allergic.

Still, they get along as well as might be expected for an interspecies relationship. That's not to say they don't occasionally have their little spats though. Once when Marsha came to visit, Tigger couldn't be bothered to spend time with her. Immediately after she left though, he went to the door and looked out plaintively. When I told her about it the next day, she asked me to relay a message to him: "You snooze, you lose, kitty."

Apparently Tigger's taken this to heart. Last night I was sitting in the living room with Tigger velcroed to my lap when we heard a car pull up and park in the lot outside. Tigger's ears perked up and he dashed over to the sliding glass door, peering intently out into the darkness. Sure enough, a minute later, Marsha appeared at the doorstep. Ah, kitty love!