Friday, January 21, 2005


Sometimes it seems to me like the true secret to a long-term relationship is simply showing up over and over again, day after day.

Love feels nice and it's beautiful and it makes the world go 'round and all that, but Love doesn't really help when it comes to putting up with my mood swings. Love doesn't take out the trash. Love could care less about planning for retirement.

The only real work Love does in a relationship is to trick you into being present. Then when you get there you find out there's real work to be done if you want to stay. You work and you work and then you wake up the next morning and discover there's still more work to be done. But when you continue to show up every day, when you stay committed, when you keep bringing your best to the table, things tend to work out ok.

I'm blessed with a husband who comes to our marriage every day in all of his him-ness. No matter what happens, he's there and ready to work it through. He's appallingly honest and one hundred percent committed. He's always ready to try a little harder to give me whatever it is I think I need.

He's an awesome man, and I'm lucky to have him.

Happy birthday, love. I hope you have a wonderful year.