Friday, January 14, 2005

"Whenever I go to the bathroom, I remember our honeymoon"

Last weekend Pukka walked into the bedroom as I'm putting away laundry.

Pukka: "I'm so glad we got that Irish Spring."
Me: "I'm glad too, baby."
Pukka: "Because now whenever I go to the bathroom, I remember our honeymoon."

(Yes, this is actually what the man said. For his sake, I'll fill in the gaps and tell you that our hosts at our honeymoon cottage had stocked a half metric ton of Irish Spring in the bathroom. So it's now a scent with a very strong honeymoon association for us. But still . . .)

Pause. Pause. Then:

Pukka: "This is going in the blog, isn't it?"
Me: "Of course!"