Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My name is Trish and I bought 102 skeins of yarn.

Last Friday I went to Hancock's and bought 102 skeins of yarn. I'm not sure who I blame.

See, I was there earlier in the week with a friend and noticed it was on sale for $1/skein, which is a great price. We both bought some for miscellaneous projects that might come up.

Thing is, when I got home, I started thinking (always dangerous). Then I looked on-line and found a pattern for a quick/easy afghan using the yarn. There's 13 rolls of yarn in each 'ghan, and I told myself, "Hey if I could get some Christmas presents done for thirteen bucks, that would be a deal!"

So Friday I trucked my butt back over there and bought enough to make 8 afghans. (If you're doing the math, you know that would be 104 skeins of yarn -- apparently I counted wrong somewhere while I was pulling colors).

You know, it's not unusual for my husband to think I've lost my mind when I start a craft project. But when you're at the craft store and the employees and all of the people there think you're nuts, you should know you've probably lost it.

The good news is that all of this disparagement has made me stubborn, so I pretty much used all of my free time in the weekend to work on the first afghan and it's probably about 2/3 of the way done now. Hopefully I can keep up the pace and prove them all wrong. Although the bigger it gets, the harder it is to make any noticeable progress. Last night, it was taking me an hour to get through a round. I've still got eight or nine rows to go before this one's done and I can start #2!