Sunday, October 24, 2004


Three weeks ago I looked up at the sky and saw the Milky Way. As I drank in the cosmos, I wondered what the fuck I'm doing living in town.

Two weeks ago I evaluated the state of our apartment and found it pretty trashed. Mentally I began adding the new chores we'd add with a house and found myself very, very afraid.

Last week a co-worker shared with me how her trees had completely ruined their pipes, which would have to be replaced. As I listened to the estimate she'd be given, renting didn't seem so bad.

Last night my sister and I browsed Petfinder. There's a lot of cute dogs in this world that would never fit in our apartment.

In theory, Pukka and I will buy a house sometime next summer. This house is key to a lot of my long-term plans -- things like a dog, gardens, and kids. I'm still having trouble sorting out what I want though. Or maybe I'm just having trouble sorting through my conflicting desires.