Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Tonight I was going to do some errands downtown.

First Pukka and I went to the local Democratic headquarters to get a Kerry/Edwards sign. They had Veterans for Kerry, Students for Kerry and Cops for Kerry, but since none of those really described us, we're still signless.

Then I went to the shoe store and spent way longer than was necessary there, debating my shoe size with the shoe store man. In the end, my size was irrelevant, as they didn't have the shoes I wanted in either the size I believe I am, or the size he believes I am. (Side note: One might think that such a disagreement might be easily remedied by measuring my goddamned feet, but I guess that's why one doesn't work at the shoe store, now isn't it?) Left shoeless. (Although he's supposed to call me when their next order comes in.)

After that, I went to the library. Found a book on upholstering, several on buying homes, and one with a few baby shower games. Went to go check them out, only to discover that my library card is apparently in my other purse. I wouldn't say I'm exactly bookless in general, but definitely library bookless.

Finally, after that debacle, I met up with Pukka and we walked down to where I wanted to have dinner. *sigh* You guessed it! Closed! Leaving me (temporarily) foodless.

Not such a good day for errands.