Thursday, September 30, 2004

And I have half his genes!

Talked to both mom & dad on the phone Tuesday night. They were in Lexington, KY, on the way home from the first vacation of their retirement. Mom had called while Dad was inside checking them into the hotel, then had given him the phone while she parked the car. After I've talked to him for awhile (and had already talked to mom for a good bit), he and I had the following conversation:
Me: Has mom parked the car by now?
Him: Oh, do you want to talk to her again?
Me: No, I was just thinking it was probably time for me to go, but I wanted to be sure you were in the hotel.
Him: Just a sec, and I'll get her.
Me: No dad, that's OK.
Him (muffled): Your daughter wants to talk to you again.
Me: Really dad, I don't need to talk to her.
Mom: Hi, babe!
Me: Hi, mom.

Now granted, Mom wanted to tell me a couple of things, so maybe she made him give her the phone, but it was still just weird. Of course, that's not particularly atypical for my father.