Saturday, September 25, 2004

An explanation

When I was younger, I was obsessed with church. It bothered me that the rest of my family seemed to be less committed than I was. So at Sunday dinner, I started posing a question to the rest of the table, "What did you learn at church today?"

Yes, that's precisely the kind of brat I was then. But it did serve its intended purpose. Knowing that they were going to be asked this question, my younger sibs started paying more attention in services. (Although one of them admitted to me later that she really only listened long enough to latch onto an idea that she knew would appease me. After that, she was back to spacing out.)

That was many years ago now. Since then I've left the church I was raised in, and now I make my home at Peoples Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

For the past year at Peoples, we've had an interim minister. I was busy with the wedding and I kind of dropped out for awhile. Starting last week, I recommitted myself to being there on a weekly basis. Our new minister is now here, and so far he seems to be fitting in nicely.

Last week while he was speaking, I had a thought that appealed to me so much that I wanted to be sure to write it down. So I came home and plopped it into the blog. At the time, I didn't connect it with my old dinner time pestering, but in the days since, I've come to see the irony.

But, since it's still as good for me as it was ever for them, I'll be doing my best to come up with something I've learned for you all each Sunday. Tomorrow we'll be talking about Jehovah asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, a story that's always disgusted me, so I'm sure there are insights aplenty in store.