Monday, September 20, 2004

Things I learned from my grandpa

  • How to sharpen a pencil with a knife (did this today and I think it freaked some people out)
  • Sometimes, as human beings, we make the call on what lives and dies, and as such we need to step up to the plate and not be squeamish about our responsibilities.
  • You shouldn't poke a possum with a stick, even though it looks really dead.
  • Raccoons are not cute.
  • A thousand and one ways to know when it's going to rain.
  • My brother and sister don't have the sense God gave a chicken to come out of the rain.
  • How to play cards.
  • How to win at cards.
  • How to stay married for 50+ years and still be in love.
  • How to tell a good story.
  • Any errand might include a stop for ice cream.
  • Follow your dream, even when it means building a landing strip on your farm.
  • A man in a bowtie is always dapper.

And approximately a thousand other things that I'm probably forgetting. It just started with the pencil . . .