Friday, August 13, 2004

Fall Preview

Found some notes this morning that I have dated 9/22/02 as I was driving north on 380 and thought I'd clean it up a little.

Hills that were a uniform green all summer now begin to differentiate
Out of the corner of my eye, hints of the splendor to come.
The green dulls -- the vaguest hint of of yellow, a whisper of red crimson.
All still fundamentally green, and yet changed.

Ultimately, more than of death, this is the beginning of the season of transformation.
Fields that have been growing all summer become the foods that nourish and sustain us.
Leaves -- small solar factories -- now become the visions that feed our passion.
Hillsides transform into the fiery beauty that fuel expression.

On the boundary between potential and actuality, seen and unseen, I touch the edge of the mystery.