Monday, June 28, 2004


A couple of weeks ago, Pukka & I pulled into the local Kum & Go (yeah, I know, but that's what it's called) just in time to see a couple trying to push their non-functioning car uphill. Well, mostly he was pushing, and she was steering, with one foot out the door. I jumped out of the truck and helped the guy push while Pukka parked. Then Pukka joined us and between the three of us we got them safely into a parking spot.

Good thing we helped out, because last night I blew a tire. In and of itself, this is no big deal. I know how to change a tire, and I've done it before (and even on this car). I had managed to cruise into the exact same Kum & Go, so I had a safe space to work in. And Pukka even came over in the truck to lend me a hand. So yeah, should've been no sweat.

Only neither of us could budge four of my five lug nuts.

So I'm contemplating the craziness of having the car towed to the tire shop (thank god for AAA), when this guy appears out of nowhere and twists off all four for me without batting an eye. He left us to finish the job, only then came back because he thought I was turning the jack the wrong way, and proceeded to pretty much change the tire for me.

So the moral of the story is either to help your fellow motorists in need, or to avoid the Kum & Go parking lot like the plague. Haven't quite decided which it is yet.