Monday, March 14, 2005


You know you've stayed up too late when "Celebrity Justice" comes on. (No, I'm not looking up a link for that one.)

Anytime I use the word "apparently", there's a better than average chance that I'm pissed off about whatever it is I'm talking about.

Saturday, Pukka and I went to visit our first house prospect. It was so darned cute you wouldn't believe it. I'm (we're?) still having some trouble realizing this is actually going to happen, I think. It's weird -- I never had any second thoughts about the whole marriage thing, but this house thing scares the crap out of me. Some days I fantasize about just forgetting the whole thing and renting for awhile longer.

Of course, I'm also enthralled by the prospect of actually owning the place where we live. Mostly, I'm excited to have something where we can do what we whatever we want to it. When Pukka and I were talking about the house over lunch afterwards, we were bemoaning the lack of a deck/patio, and the lack of a good way to add one given the current house/yard/door configurations, until finally I said, "But we could just convert the dining room window to a door and build a deck off the back." Pukka was just blown away with the realization that we could do that if we wanted. We're both so used to renting that our mindset is more "make do" than "fix it".

I've started climbing the stairs at work on an hourly basis. This does a couple of things for me, but mostly it's an attempt to get a little more exercise than I do normally. The sad thing is when I walk by the elevator, often my little brain says, "Hey, let's take the elevator!" Then I remember that getting to the third floor is not the actual goal. It's a little disturbing to me how many times this cycle has played out in the last week or so.

Every once in awhile, I meet someone and instantly like them for no obvious reason. I'm sure other people do it too. It happened for me at our wedding with Pukka's cousin and her husband. The family gossip network failed to notify us when they got pregnant shortly afterwards, but remembered to send us pictures when the baby was born last week. All weekend I've been madly knitting away on a little sweater for her. I'd rather crochet, but I just couldn't find a pattern that spoke to me. My knitting skills suffer greatly from the long gaps between attempts, so I've spent almost as much time ripping out and searching for errors as actually making progress, but it is coming along despite the setbacks.

Unfortunately the knitting precluded all of the writing I was supposed to get done this weekend. Some of that is "must have" and will hopefully happen tonight, but the rest will most likely have to wait. I have an unfortunate habit of not finishing projects, so I've learned it's best to work with the momentum for as long as it will carry me, rather than trying to fight against it.