Sunday, March 20, 2005


Thursday night, Pukka and I left work and headed straight for my parents' for the weekend. Apparently, the kitties missed us. When we pulled up in the parking lot, Twiglet and Grayboy were watching us out the window. Then Grayboy backed up so that Tigger could get a look. Awhile ago, as I sat here watching TV, Tigger stretched the full length of his body against mine, reclaiming his territory.

Spent more time with Abigail this weekend. She has trouble getting to sleep without help, so I'd dance the length of my parents' formal living room, patting her little butt and singing her to sleep. Her favorite seems to be "It Had To Be You". She'd lay in my arms and smile up like me like a goon, before finally drifting off.

It was a good weekend. Tomorrow we're back to work and back to the house hunt. No rest for the wicked I suppose.