Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So yeah, unemployed. Took last week off to try and get some stuff done around the house. Was moderately successful and it did miles towards preserving my mental stability. This week the job hunt was to start, but then the iBook died -- fourth logic board bit the dust. :(

And since it's over 3 years old, Apple doesn't give a flying fig. How did I show them? I bought a MacBook. In theory, FedEx is bringing it to my house later today (damn Columbus!).

So until then, I'm stuck borrowing Pukka's computer, which just takes longer, because I have to remember where to find things, how to do things, what my logins are, what that URL was, etc. . . .

Plus I didn't have real good luck finding openings when I was poking around yesterday. When I checked before, it seemed like there were plenty of openings places, and I was confident I'd be able to find something when the time came. Now the market seems to have dried up a bit, and I'm fighting the urge to panic. Grown-up voice says that what goes around comes around, and that if there were positions before, there will be positions again. Neurotic voice says I missed my one and only chance and now I will never work again.

In other news, you can wash a plastic shower liner in the washing machine, and all the gunk does actually come off!

Pukka's head is like a drain clog just waiting to happen, so our shower drain is almost perpetually in some state between slow and not draining at all. At the old place, we had a shower with a door, so it was just the tub that suffered. Here, we have a real shower curtain, and the bottom of it gets pretty grungy pretty fast. Up until now, we've just replaced it every six months or so. No big deal there -- they cost less than $5.

But then a girlfriend told me that I could just toss it in the washing machine. I was skeptical. I figured either it would rip to pieces, or else the gunk would prove to be permanently melded to the plastic. But I just tried it and it actually works! Of course, last week we bought a replacement. But that's OK by me too, since it means the newly cleaned old one can go in the linen closet to take another turn when the new ones gets gunky.

So that's life around here in short -- immanent arrival of a new computer (yea!), no job on the immediate horizon (boo!), and novel yet mundane domestic discoveries (???). Don't you all wish you were me?