Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I finished the last of my fall planting. For the record, here's what's new.

In the front yard in our new quarter circle perennial bed:

  • one Bugbane Hillside Black Beauty
  • three Gaura Pink Lady
  • three Geranium Midnight Reiter
  • one Lamium Orchid Frost
  • ten Tete a Tete daffodils
  • twenty? (I'm having a hard time remembering for sure) Lavender Mountain Lilies
  • an undetermined number of Snow Crocus, thanks to the goddamned squirrel
  • some burgundy and gold pansies I got at Lowes for a quarter per six-pack

  • Next spring I'll probably fill in with more pansies in the spring and impatiens in the fall until the perennial can get more established.

    Along the west side of the house:
  • ten giant Allium
  • twelve assorted bearded iris

  • Around back, scattered in the "Arizona garden":
  • ten winter aconite

  • Under the lilacs in back:
  • twenty-five Early Snow Glories

  • Now that I took the time to list that all out, I feel better about how long it took me to finish it all!