Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Can we buy a rubber chicken?"

A few years back, this guy showed up to our local farmers market with a freezer truck of beef. It was a strange little bit of cognitive dissonance. In my mind, the farmers market was where you buy vegetables. But on the other hand, farmers raise animals as well as growing veggies. One day I finally broke down and decided to buy some hamburger patties from him. He talked me into some beef brats as well. We grilled them up later that week and were instant converts. I swear to you, I never knew meat could be this good. And we've indoctrinated others as well. My dad, who thinks brats are a waste of time, now has me bring some of these brats to him when we visit.

Yesterday, Pukka and I went to the farmers market for some beef and veggies. As we were making our way down the row, Pukka said, "Can we buy a rubber chicken?" I looked to where he was pointing, to see a man with a rubber chicken on top of a deep freeze. Sure enough, he was selling half and whole chickens. I'll be roasting one tonight and have high hopes it'll prove to be just as tasty as the cows are.

In other news, tomorrow will be one year since my first post. One of my biggest concerns when starting this blog was that it would be something I would do for a month or two, then give up on. There are so many unfinished projects in my life, and I didn't need another one. I haven't always kept up with posting as well as I could have, but overall, I think I've done OK. Here's hoping this next year is even better.