Monday, June 07, 2004

Fear of Food

Last night for dinner, I made one of the worst things I've ever cooked.  Earlier in the day I found this recipe for soup that used potatoes and broccoli, which were two things we had in the house that I wanted to get rid of.  To make this soup, you basically brown the potatoes a little, then add some garlic and bay.  Then you put in 5 cups of water, add the lentils and cook that, then add the broccoli and some salt/pepper and cook it some more, then top it with parmesan cheese.  So off I go to the grocery store to get me some lentils. No sweat.

As I was re-reading the recipe in preparation for actually making the soup I thought, "This is going to be really bland."  And guess what?  I was right!  How could cooking potatoes and lentils in water and then eating it ever have sounded like a good idea to me?  It might've been better if it was cooked in chicken broth.  Or heck, if there had been an onion in there to give it some flavor.  I put a ton of salt in it, and there was still virtually no taste to it.  I blame the recipe -- I mean, I had bad judgement for picking it, but I figured this woman knew what she was doing, and I trusted her. This definitely wasn't tasty though.  Ugh.

Pukka, god love him, ate a whole bowl full and keeps telling me that it wasn't that bad.

Of course, then, because I can't "waste" food, I package up the leftovers and put them in the frig.  As if we're going to ever eat them!  But I just can't throw away food (unless it's moldy).  So it will sit in storage for a month, and then I'll toss it.  What's wrong with me??

At least I'd also bought Oreos, so we had a good dessert.

Yeah, and so now I'm dreading cooking tonight.  I bought the ingredients for another untried recipe, and it's on the menu for this evening. Good news this time is that one of the ingredients is pesto, so at least we know it will have some flavor. And if nothing else, it couldn't possibly be as bad as last night.

Wish me luck!